Makendoo workshops are perfect for any corporate event that involves children, from large company fun days to Christmas parties. Our workshops allow kids to be creative within a controlled environment and provide entertainment that the they can actually take part in, rather than just watch.

We are very well organised and can deal efficiently with large numbers of children (up to 200 in a standard day). Our workshops are tailored towards families, and adults often join in the fun. We use only high quality materials and our ‘makes’ are failsafe, ensuring that everyone goes home with something they are proud of. We are happy to work with given themes, and have a wide range of our own themes to offer.

We are completely self contained and our workshops leave no mess. All the booker has to supply is space, 4X4 metres is ideal, but we are very flexible. Our stand looks jaunty and colourful, and is neat enough to fit in at smart venues. We are happy working outdoors in the warmer months.

Events include: The Honda Christmas party, Microsoft Christmas party.

Makendoo were fantastic as usual’. Helen Overton, National Memorial Arboretum.